Sunday, November 20, 2011

Please tell me how exhaust gas recirculation system works.?

it recycles metered exhaust gas back into the engine to cool combustion through chemical process that produces less nox

generally it goes into a pipe that also has some intake air to cool it and then it fills in unused spots in the combustion chamber during the burning of the gasoline for a better burn|||Jay max almost got it but I will refine. EGR valve is a device that will schedule a small amount of engine exhaust back into the combustion chamber at times either by a venturi vacuum or in later cars a digital signal from the ECM. The purpose is to lower the NOX gasses AKA oxides of nitrogen in the tail pipe emissions. As the NOX gasses, once in the atmosphere tent to change rapidly into unwanted compounds. All EGR valves only open at steady cruise speeds by design. They do have a cooling effect of the combustion chamber but it is not temperature that it cools. It is the space that it occupies that does. Inert gas does not react.|||In short, it is a valve system that allows a small amount of exhaust gasses to be diverted back into the intake manifold to be reintroduced into the cylinders. This aids in lowering combustion temps to eliminate spark knock, preventing engine damage.

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