Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mk6 2003 Ford Transit - van wont rev over 1000rpm and smokes?

Basically my van is a 350 90ps 2003. Its been running and driving fine without any issues until now...

I went to start it the other day and found that it would start perfectly fine, but when you went to hit the accelerator pedal it would sort of hit 1000rpm and just stop dead. The revs would sometimes fluctuate as if it was struggling to keep the revs at 1000 but not dropping below 850rpm then suddenly going back to 1000rpm.

I also noticed a load of smoke pouring out the back which settled down when the van wasnt revved but as soon as the pedal was pressed it would smoke. Its a sort of whiteish colour and smells so not water vapour.

I had the van diagnosed on a scanner and the fault codes I had were the following...

P0404 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation circuit range or performance

P1665 - Injection Pump Control Module Communication

I have since removed the EGR valve and cleaned it out with some EGR cleaner, I also cleaned out in the inlet manifold which did contain some crap but not a great deal to be honest. I then blanked the EGR off and reinstalled it and plugged it in.

It started fine as always but still wont rev over 1000 rpm. Its also literally putting out tons of white / grey smoke as soon as you hit the revs.

I did notice that it put on a camshaft or crankshaft sensor fault code as well but I wasnt sure if I might have disturbed a wiring plug for this sensor whilst taking the inlet manifold off as this wasnt shown when I last ran a diagnostic on it? Is the wiring plug for one of these sensors in this area?

Would one of the above sensors being faulty cause the van to find it hard to rev, etc?


Phil|||Right phil

your on the right tracks the EGR valve motor sticks on these .we replace at least 2 a day

dont bother trying to clean it out as it does not work as you have found out

fault code P0404 usualy means the motor has siezed

replace the EGR

get the fault codes cleared

give the van a good run

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