Thursday, November 24, 2011

Need help on a 96 dodge stratus?

i was working on my daughters 96 dodge stratus over the weekend and the diagnostic code i pulled on it said that her exhaust gas recirculation was insufficient. so i pulled the injection system to access the EGR valve and the EGR line easier. i also disconnected the battery as i was told to do when working on emission or fuel systems. i cleaned the valve and the line then reattched the two to see if it still had the hesitation it had before. i put everything back the way it was and went to start the car and nothing happened. the lights and radio are working but the car isnt even turning over, no clicks, nothing. i tried to jump it and it still wouldnt turn over. i need help since now i have to drive her everywhere. thank you.|||does it have anti theft and does the light stay on if so put 1 key in turn to on for a few seconds then put in another key and turn to on see if the light goes out if it did the car should start|||Not trying to be a smart ***, but if it was a manual did you have the clutch depressed and if it was a automatic was it in park or nuetral?? Sometime silly little thing like this can catch you off guard especially if you are concentrating on a different area.|||im guessing youve double and triple checked plugs with the injection system so.... the only thing i can think of is maybe a security system thing, with the battery being disconected. maybe that doesnt make sense. is there some sort of anti-theft feature set to disable starter when the battery is disconected?|||Make sure the valve you removed is back on snugg

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