Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eclipse inspection need help?

i have an eclipse with the check engine turned off. but when i tried to pass inspection with it it said that the catalyst monitor is not ready, and the exhaust gas recirculation monitor is not ready. the guy said i needed to drive the car more... ive driven it for over a thousand miles and its still the same way. any ideas?|||since you didn't say what year, i am not sure this applies. the 95-98 mitsubishi eclipses had issues with non-readiness codes. in North Carolina, they had to allow inspections with non-readiness codes because it was Mitsu's fault due to bad programing in the ECU. they fixed it for the 99 eclipses. in most areas they are aware of the problem and will help you out, either through the DMV giving you a waiver or you meeting some terms and conditions to pass the inspection. so try the DMV.|||a good idea would be to still get it tested with a diagnostic machine and see what that tells you. it mabey running a code but just not one to turn on the check engine light. but ive never had to take an emissions test so im not completely sure

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