Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can anyone help with a problem on a 2001 malibu?

I have a code "Exhaust gas recirculation-range/performance" The car is using alot of fuel and doesn't wanna go. under a load. I changes the plugs and wires. What is the problem?|||Sounds like the oxygen sensor. A bad one will cause your car to burn excess fuel.|||converter maybe?

take it in to a shop and have them check it.|||Bad EGR valve or associated wiring or vacuum lines.|||WOW, probably a problem in the EGR system???? Why did you change your plugs and wires after pulling that code???? ARE YOU STUPID?????

Take it to someone with the IQ of a frog or higher to diagnose it for you

I am sorry to be so hard on you, but people come in all the time with these same questions... then we have to replace the faulty part and they are mad because they already spent $400.00 fixing stuff themselves....

EGR stands for exhaust gas recirculation. It is most likely going to be a problem with the EGR valve. If not, perhaps you have excessive carbon build up in the EGR ports...

Find a reputable Chevrolet dealer to diagnose this problem for you.l|||see this problem quite often--2 things--if egr valve is stuck open it may be causing the code and the "wont go"issue but i would also suspect the catalytic converter--if the converter melts down/fails it will create tremendous exhaust system backpressure and the egr valve will unseat internally and a code will store--although the "wont go" and dtc are actually caused by the plugged converter--take it to an exhaust shop and have them perform an exhaust backpressure test--and if needed replace the converter--the test is fairly inexpensive and egr valves rarely stick open on their on accord--most stick closed--which would not cause a low power problem.-----happy hunting!|||The lack of power sounds like the EGR valve is stuck open. This valve is opened by a vacuum solenoid that is controled by the computer and shouldn't be open all of the time. The solenoid could be stuck and letting full vacuum pull on the valve. But most likely the valve is stuck open from carbon buildup. The labor guide shows .6 of an hour to replace it but I can't find a diagram to show location. Any auto repair shop should be able to easily find or replace it.

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