Sunday, November 20, 2011

How does a gas internal combustion engine hit 50mpg?!?

I have done this, more than once. It was in a 1987 Subaru 5spd. Did it many times on the highway, freakishly. Four dollars in fuel from maine to massachussetts. All I found was the 5th gear got very very tall - 3000 rpm could go to 80mph over a few miles. Also there was an egr (exhaust gas recirculation) that refed the intake without ever getting hot- and even added air before recycle. this was on a 1781cc boxer. If that isn't bizarre enough- it could have taken a 6th gear to further the mpg easily... Anyone explain how I didn't lean condition the heads/cylinders for my 1350 mile trip- all at once? Can I call American autos "retarded" and get away with it?|||i did it in a vw rabit it got 50 mpg only wille it was raining hard otherwise it got 35 mpg can you answer that one

i never figured a way to do it when it wasnt raining

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