Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hello My emmissions light is on.?

My emmissions light is on. The car is an VW Golf 1.6 from 2001.

I have Diagnostic test running and it came up with the following:

Fault code P1553 eight sensor / induction manifold pressure sesor invalid ratio

P1403 exhaust - gas recirculation system control diference

Can anyone help?

Thanks|||E.G.R valve clogged with soot and dirt. they can be removed and cleaned with Carb cleaner. ( Exhaust gas recirculation valve). once dirty they can stick open or closed.

Also check any electrical connections are good and any vacuum hose connections for splits or cracks.

The valve takes some of the spent gasses from the exhaust and feeds them back to the inlet ports, this reduces emissions by reducing the engine operating temperature.

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