Thursday, November 24, 2011

Any Mechanics Out There?

I asked this question before, but I didn't have all the details at the time. I took my 2001 Ford Focus for the emission test today and it failed. Here is the report I received: P0401 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected.

Secondary Air System (not supported)

Heated Catalyst (not supported)

-- Engine light was on for the past several months.

Q: Would anyone have any idea how much this will cost me?

thank you again!!|||Dont listen to EITHER of those hackers who posted before me.TAKE IT TO THE DEALER.You egr valve apears to be functioning improperly.Hovere by simply replacing this EGR valve your not gauranteed to fix need to go to the dealer.what they will then do is test the valve with a vacuum aplying vacuum they can see if the valve is able to aply.if the engine stalls at idle when the valve is under vacuum the valve is good and the problem lies elsewhere.DONT EVER REPLACE PARTS BECAUSE THE CODE SAYS THATS WHAT IT IS!!!THE COMPUTER DOESNT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PART ITSELF AND THE CAUSE.ITS ONLY AN IDEA!!|||your EGR valve is not working. the not supported means it does not apply to your car. the only fault is the EGR valve issue and that would definitely cause a check engine light. take it to Autozone and they can run the codes and show you were the EGR valve is located so you can replace it. good luck|||possible oxygen sensor is faulty, replacement maybe 1-2 hundred dollars australian. take car to a mechanic and get a free quote.|||sounds like egr problems. which take exhaust gases and recirculates it through the engine. the "code would most likely be a P0401. and autozone will tell you they cant do anything. not certain on price.

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