Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2001 SS Monte Carlo Emissions issues?

My girl friends 2001 Monte Carlo was not passing Emissions. I had run a diagnostic on it and initially had a P1404 code (EGR valve pintle position open). I replaced the EGR Valve, cleared the codes and after 10 miles the check engine light came back on. Ran the diagnostic on it again and got a P0404 code (Exhaust gas recirculation circuit range or performance problem). Yep… I was getting a little frustrated (ok, pissed). Doing some shade tree mechanics… I changed the air cleaner, cleared the code and the check engine light hasn’t come back on since, go figure. Note to self… start with the easy things first. Here’s the issue….. the car was been driven 50+ miles and we took it back in to get re-tested and the emissions test facility says it can be tested because the following monitors were not ready “Catalyst, Evaporative system and Oxygen Heater”. Is this something that will eventually be “ready” or is there something else I need to do? Thanks in advance for looking and any feedback.


|||There is a re-flash for the PCM regarding the p1404 code.

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