Sunday, November 20, 2011

Can a damaged/dirty EGR valve effect your gas mileage?

I ran a diagnostic test on my 2001 Ford Ranger and something is wrong with my Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve and I feel like im getting 14 miles to the gallon rather than the EPA 20. Could this damaged/dirty valve decrease the amount of gas mileage I should be getting?|||Certainly, the EGR is designed to operate at cruise speeds and not at lower operating speeds. The EGR provides inert gases to the combustion chamber to lower exhaust gas temperatures thus reducing the amount of NOX emitted by the engine. A properly operating EGR system will come in around 40 mph and this is also the time when the canister purge will activate to empty the purge canister. If the EGR fails to close, it is like having a small hole in the intake manifold, not a good thing.|||Short answer, yes. Just about any malfunction of any part of the emission control system can affect mileage, and sometimes performance.

Also, the EPA claims do not mean squat, as they are mathematical guesses and not the results of actual driving tests.|||if that valve is effecting the power output of the engine, the computer will alter the air fuel ratio. with that, a failing egr can have an effect on mileage and performance.

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