Thursday, November 24, 2011

VW Polo 1.4 (2003) EGR valve?

The emission warning light (pic of engine) has come on, gone off and now on again. Has been electronically diagnosed as the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve. Can anyone tell me where this is sited in my engine please so we can remove it and clean it as recommended.|||1.

Step 1

Disconnect the car battery. Locate the EGR valve. You may need to refer to the owner's manual.


Step 2

Unhook the air supply hose, vacuum hose and all electrical connections. You may need the screwdriver for this.


Step 3

Remove the EGR mounting bolts with the socket wrench.


Step 4

Unbolt the EGR valve from the EGR tube with the wrench. Use a wide-mouthed wrench, which works best for this.


Step 5

Look at the EGR valve. If there are holes in the valve, it definitely needs to be replaced. If there are no holes, you may opt to clean it by spraying a half can of carburetor cleaner into the valve. Let it sit, then use a gasket scraper, putty knife, small drill bit or long wood screw to scrape out the buildup in the valve.


Step 6

Install a new gasket and EGR valve if a total replacement is due. Attach all hoses, wiring and bolts that were previously removed.


Step 7

Reconnect the battery and test drive the car.

also you can go to鈥?/a> for your questions|||It's located on the exhaust between the manifold and the first catalytic converter. But cleaning it is a waste of time, if you take it off you should replace it, unless you want to clean it again in 3 months, unless you're on a tight budget in which case I understand

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