Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I need help with my "check engine light" on my 2000 Ford F150.?

Autozone said the code revealed: The PCM has determiend that there is insufficient flow in the exhaust gas recirculation system. We replaced the EGR Valve. We disconnected the battery cables. Within a short trip, the "check engine light" was on again. Help please.|||on a 2000 model disconnecting the battery cables wont erase the computer it has to be done with a scanner,that may be all that's wrong with it now,other wise it may still have a problem,but you,ll not know this until you get it cleared off with a scanner,then if it comes back on there's still a problem with it,good luck on it,|||Dodge Man is on the money,

no more comment.(from my side)|||It sounds like a oxygen sensor to should have 2 one at the headers and one by the muffler.Have autozone check the code again.That code covers alot of things,you might want to take it in to the shop.HOPE THIS HELPED!

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