Thursday, November 24, 2011

96 saturn sl1 EGR Valve...?

i have been told that a bad EGR valve (exhaust gas recirculation valve) could cause a car to buck or hesitate in mid range speed at low rpms, thats what my car is doing. i work at autozone and i used our code reader and there was a code that stated "EGR flow malfunction" anyone else have this problem ever? please help me! i dont wanna spend the $120 if i dont need to!|||There is a device called the transducer that connects to the EGR system via vac lines that doe's have a electronic plug on it that could show up under codes as if the EGR valve is faulty but isn't.If the EGR valve has a electronic plug on it then it could be that it's faulty.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way I ran into that same problem and it was the transducer.Keep in mind that at the big do it yourself auto wreckers you should be able to find several of either of those parts.|||No problem my friend.

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|||Since you work at auto-zone why don't you get yourself a Haynes repair manual. I would say the egr is probably bad but the book will show you how to test the egr to make sure it's bad. It also has a lot of good trouble shooting information.|||If an egr valve opens too soon you will have a hesitation problem. Bad egr's do not cause problems with drive-ability at cruising speed. It sounds like your egr is faulty. |||i had one go bad on my 95 saturn, it sometimes ran rough at a steady speed and stalled at stoplights

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