Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My 2000 Ford taurus is just getting 12 MPG average, here are scan RESULTS.....?

Hello everyone, I'm confident that there is a solution for my problem as opposed for me to settle on 12 MPG. So I purchased a ELM327 OBD scanner and used EasyOBD2 free software.

Also I disconnected my MAF sensor to see if i noticed any improvement however haven't driven yet since disconnecting, but check engine light did come on after a test run which was expectable.

(Was told that I should disconnect MAF, or O2 sensors to see if I notice an improvement disconnecting a faulty sensor, which now honestly I suspect MAF or O2)

The car has been a gentle ride, engine sounds strong, transmission good, besides 2 really cold days that it gave me some trouble to starting and RPM's jumped around that day after it turned on I NEVER received a check engine light before I'm sure there is information here that can conclude a solution.

Here is a detailed summary for your fair opinion.

-Car was purchased from a friend who alway gave good maintenance. (88K Miles)

-Has always given me around 12-13 MPG since purchase. (Friend never bothered finding mpg's)

-Received a FULL tune up just 2 months ago with same results :(. [LIST OF PARTS]

Air filter, Fuel filter, Sparkplugs + wires, Hcv valve, Oil change. Tires filled to 32 PSI.

-I'm an economic driver... try to keep the automatic on the highest gear without hard accelerating, never jackrabbit, overdrive ON always, anticipating stops... etc...

-My 12MPG average is with 60% city 40% highway, usually getting a terrible 160-180 miles / 13 gallon fillup.

Scanner Results are (CAR ON IDLE)

Absolute Throttle Position 16.9 %

Engine Speed 782.75 Rpm

Vehicle Speed 0 Kmh 0 Mph

Calculated Load 29.0 %

Ignition Timing Advance Cyl #1 32 Degrees Advance (+)

Fuel System 1 Status Closed Loop Control using Oxygen Sensor - Normal

Fuel System 2 Status Not Available


Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 14.06 % Rich (+)

Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 2 21.09 % Rich (+)

Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 3 Not Available

Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 4 Not Available

Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1 0.00 %

Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 2 0.00 %

Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 3 Not Available

Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 4 Not Available


Mass Air Flow 0.00 g/s 0.0 lb/min

Intake Manifold Pressure Not Available

Fuel Pressure 270 kPaG 39.2 PsiG


Coolant Temperature 60 Deg C 140.0 Deg F

Intake Air Temperature -40 Deg C -40.0 Deg F


Continuous Monitoring Tests

Misfire Completed

Fuel System Completed

Components Completed

Non Continuous Monitoring Tests

Catalyst Not Completed

Evaporative System Not Completed

Oxygen Sensor Not Completed

Oxygen Sensor Heater Not Completed

Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Not Completed|||I have owned both a 2000 and 2001 Taurus - both of them had problems with air intake leaks. There are many vacuum ports and hoses attached to the air intake system, and the more that there are the more likely that you will experience an air leak. These can be very hard to track down.

Also, don't overlook possibly faulty o2 sensors.|||Interesting..... Something is not right|||I would not recommend disconnecting the 02 sensors or the MAF because that will cause your vehicles PCM to use a default setting which may give you even worse MPG. Looks like your vehicle is trying to add fuel (run rich) because A) It is running lean (too much air) which can be caused by un metered air or B) it thinks its cold. Looks like your intake air temp (IAT) is reading -40 deg F which is obviously extremely cold, this would cause your PCM to command the use of more fuel then is necessary therefor causing low MPG. I would recommend re-checking your IAT with your scanner once more both when the vehicle is cold and when it is warmed up to normal temps. If it still shows -40 or negative anything then I would check the connector at the IAT for it being loose or corroded. If the connector is ok then I would suspect a bad IAT sensor. Also your short term fuel trims should be switching from positive to negative, you can monitor this with your scanner with the vehicle at idle. Hope this helps.

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