Thursday, November 24, 2011

Will a larger turbo fit on my 1.8tdi mk1 focus?

the mk1 diesel engined focus is fitted with a garrett gt15 turbo (i think). is there another (more powerful) turbo that will bolt on directly to it. the original turbo is assisted by an egr (exhaust gas recirculation)valve, egr cooler, map (manifold absolute pressure) sensors and a whole host of stuff i dont understand. any new turbo must accommodate such items.|||First, you need to back up and learn more about what you want to do.

You need to know what turbo you actually have, before randomly buying another one.

You need to realize that swapping a turbo will provide no gains at all, in itself. You need supporting parts.

You also need to realize that the MAP, egr, etc, are not actually attached to the turbo, and do NOT have anything to do with it. That's like saying your brakes assist your tires. Yes, they're part of a system, but they don't really do anything for each other.

Spend a few weeks researching this stuff, and suggested applications for your car.

At that point, you can make an informed question.

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