Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can someone help with 1997 Plymouth Neon Diagnostic readout!!?

Just yesterday my service engine soon light came on in my 1997 Plymouth Neon Expresso. So just today I ran up to autozone where my friend works and had him hook it up to a diagnostic machine to get a diagnosis. The Following is exactly what the diagnosis says...

Troubleshooting P0401

OEM Brand: Domestic


EGR system fault (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)


The ECM has detected too little flow on the EGR system.

Probable Causes:

1- Blocked passage on EGR system

2- Failed EGR valve

3- EGR solenoid faulty

4- Failed EGR pressure sensor where applicable

5- Failed EGR position sensore where applicable

Before I ask any questions. Just know that with all honesty I see/hear no difference in my cars performance, whether i'm going city/highway speeds, or idleing. I'm a college student and I have a fulltime job so I need to know exactly what i'm looking at in price range for part/labor.

So heres my questions:

1. What would be your guess as to what exactly is wrong?

2. What is the best way to go about fixing it?

3. What is the average price for the part/parts I'd need?

4. How much labor does it require/ what will labor costs be?

5. Could I possibly do the job myself?

6. Is it ok to drive this car to class/work in the meantime?

7. Will driving it cause any harmful damage to my car?

I thank any/all readers for their feedback, especially those qualified mechanics, thanks.|||The E.G.R. selenoid is bad. it is attached to the E.G.R. valve by a hose on the drivers side of the head. Chrysler does not sell it separately. It is sold as part of the E.G.R. assembly.

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