Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1999 Ford Taurus will not pass inspection. Please help?

I am trying to get my car to pass emissions and the check engine light keeps coming on. It was on when I had taken it in for inspection. I had previously been told I needed to replace my gas cap, did that but never had the service engine light reset. So they couldn't pass it because the service engine light was on. The code was P0401- Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected.

I was told I needed to replace my ERG valve. I did that, the service engine light came back on. Now they tell me something else must be wrong and that they can't pass it for emissions as long as the light is on. Does anyone know what else I can do, I'm really, really broke and need help please..|||A common problem is the EGR pressure feedback sensor. If the EGR tubes are clear, then replace this sensor. I had to replace this on my '96 Taurus. They run about $60 and are easy to change yourself.

Removing the check engine light bulb will not help. They plug into the OBD-II port and it tells them what codes are active. Also, resetting it just before going in won't help either because the drive monitors won't have completed. You need at least a drive and an overnight cool-down before the emission monitors will be ready, after resetting the computer.|||Get the car scanned again, to find out what is wrong. Work out a payment plan with your mechanic, ask him to put a "mechanics lien" on the title, which clears once you finish paying him/her.|||just remove bulb|||A most common problem on most domestic is a loosen or bad gas cap. Most of the times all what you have to do is to loosen that and fasten it again. On general, when you have OBD codes, you must repair the stuff as you did corresponding to each proper code displayed. This is what you have to do after you done with the repairs. You must plug an OBD code scanner and clear the codes for the items that you corrected or disconnect the battery positive lead if you do not have the OBD scanner. Now, here's what most people don't know...! Every time you clear one or more codes either using an OBM scanner or disconnecting the battery, the emission monitors will go to a non ready status and this will prevent the vehicle to pass inspection regardless that all codes are cleared. If you did the repairs right all what you have to do is to drive the vehicle few days that will include normal drive, stops and catalytic cool downs. This is done to give ECM (emission-computer-monitors) to learn that these items are fine and the eventually ECMs will return to normal status. I will recommend to you to connect the vehicle then to an OBM scanner before inspection to see if all these items are clear. Most auto parts will allow you to use a scanner free of charge either on their parking lot or your home as long as you show them an ID. It's easy to use, just answer the displayed question or ask the auto part guy to walk you thru. NOTE: Most states inspection will allow one or two active ECMs to pass inspection, ask your inspection shop on your area. I fix my own vehicles and I went thru your same situation few times so I decided that it was a good investment buying myself an OBM scanner. If you have Harbor Freight stores on your area, they sell them on sale for a very reasonable price. I will recommend to you to buy one, Prices for a good one range from $50.00 to $125.00 depending of the quality and and capabilities of the instrument. Good luck...!

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