Thursday, November 24, 2011

1995 Ford Ranger???

I have a tester for the check enginbe light and it say 'exhaust gas recirculation flow insufeccient. What does that mean??|||If when you replace the egr make sure you clean the hole where the EGR goes get all the smut out that you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the deb-ere, Second you might have a bad DPFE, it works with the EGR clean all hoses surrounding EGR. hope this helps,|||This is known as an EGR problem in the gearhead world. MOst likely you will need a new EGR valve. Ive worked at autozone and i just checked their database. youre lookin at about 50-100 bucks. depending on your engine type.|||EGR valve

PVC valve

both common problems for the Ranger|||your DPFE SENSOR is probly bad , does it sound like a exhaust leak under the hood , it is a small sensor with two hoses on it . it plugs and blows the exhaust hose of , it is about $75

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