Sunday, November 20, 2011

What should I expect to pay for having a mechanic replace the EGR valve system on a 1995 toyota tercel?

(Parts + Labor) should cost around?

I got the diagnosed code

Code: P0401

- Definition: EGR system fault (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

- Explanation: The ECH has detected too little flow on the EGR system|||dude, you already know what it is so just replace it yourself? duh? if you pay someone to replace it, watch what they do. you will kick your own butt for not doing it yourself. it's a no brainer fix....remove and replace.|||Well, the EGR valve looks like it costs about 160 to 220 bucks, depending on where it's purchased, and if you have a manual or automatic.

and then you add labor.

I don't know what the standard number of hours is on a Tercel EGR valve change, but the hourly labor rate here in Central FL is around $60/hr

I'd say plan to spend at least $280 and no more than $400.

Where are you? If you live near Melbourne, FL I can direct you to a great Mechanic!|||The code does not tell you what part is bad it leads you in a aim of direction you must follow the flow chart. The first thing to do is grab a vacuum - pump and check if there is vacuum to the egr valve itself. If not check the vacuum supply from the throttle body to the EGR itself. If it does have vacuum at the egr valve take the vacuum pump and pump up the egr valve with the motor running it should kill the motor or close to kill motor idling. If not and the you can see the diaphragm move up and hold vacuum the egr passages ways are plugged with carbon and need to be cleaned. It is also a good idea if you have a scanner to look at the map sensor valve change when apply vacuum to the egr valve at idle. Any question's E-mail me.|||on the toyotas its usually the egr modulator which makes the egr work they are fairly easy to replace they sit very visibly and highly doubt its the egr.... but to make sure the system works well for a long time replace both....i would not pay more than 100 to do work parts will vary a quick search should about 270 so...should run 370 or less

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