Thursday, November 24, 2011

Codes 23 and 32 came up in my ruff running 94 GMC 4.3 Vortec. I already changed EGR and it still runs bad?

23--%26gt; Inlet air temperature sensor signal showed an air temperature of -29? F for 4 seconds.

32--%26gt; Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Circuit

Any suggestions. Runs rich and choppy. Plugs and wires, cap and rotor are kinda new.

Octopus pressure nearly stays put, but does lose some pressure slowly.|||The code 23 was probably set by having the key on with the air cleaner housing off if its the round intake, or if it a W engine (8th digit of the VIN) then the sensor under the intake runner by the EGR valve.

You didn't mention which type of EGR valve you have-electronic linear or vacuum operated positive back pressure.If its the latter, then there's a good chance that carbon from the EGR gas passage in the intake has caused it to stick open again.Try this-using the gasket as a template, make a temporary block-off plate from the side of an aluminum can. Check to see if the pintle of the valve is hung open on a piece of carbon. If so, Advance Auto or Chevron gas stations sell Techron-get a small bottle and with the engine hot, remove the valve (I'm assuming its the one under the throttle body) and pour about 1/3 of the smaller bottle into the passages. Let the vehicle sit for several hours before firing it up, and it will run extremely rough for the first minute or two. Also, the reason for the carbon is usually a leaking fuel pressure regulator-pull the intake tuning valve out of the top midde of the intake, shine a light into the intake. It should be a uniform black. If one side shows shiny aluminum, the the regulator has been leaking and the gas has cleaned the intake. Any parts store utilizing the Help line can get a new fuel pressure regulator or you, and pulling the intake to replace it takes about 20 minutes total from start to finish.|||check a couple of things. the 02 sensor and the fuel pump regulator. either 1 of those can make it run rich.

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