Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Computer codes?? Mechanical Help?

hello i have a 2003 GS Eclipse 2.4 4cyl and my check engine light is on also a day ago it started acting up like when i am at the light it sounds like its about to die but when i drive it i works fine so i scaned it with my scan tool and it gave me 5 codes and i dont know what does it mean..these are the codes..

P0102 mass or volume air flow circuit low input.

P0172 System to Rich Bank 1

P0455 Evap Porative Emission System leak Detected (gross leak/no flow)

P0421 warm up catalyst efficiency below Threshold (bank 1)

P0401 Exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient detected

ok those are the code and this is what i did i changed my wires spark plug 02 sensors both of them bank 1 bank 2.. I also have a intake and headers also a cat back exhaust my down pipe is stock tho. the problem that i had a month ago was my carburetor was dirty so i bought the spray and sprayed it in and it was fine until two days ago..

Sooooooo if anyone has any idea whats goin on or what i can do PLEASE let me know as soon as possible THANK you|||yes you shorted out the mass air Sense,you can not spray anything on the mass air Sense.this will send the wrong readings to the computer.

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