Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Please help troubleshoot my 2001 Ford Focus SOHC Check Engine Light Code p0401?

Please help troubleshoot my 2001 Ford Focus SOHC Check Engine Light Code p0401


~~~~ Please help me diagnose it cuz I don't have the funds to take it to the shop nor try trial %26amp; error of buying different parts, the egr system several parts. ~~~~

Yesterday it was stalling really bad and barely idled up to speed, nearly dying if I tried pressing firmly on the pedal %26amp; a few times died on me.

So Today I followed the egr hoses that travel from the DPFE sensor (EGR Valve Pressure Sensor) %26amp; they had splits in them where they mounted at the bottom to the metal piping, so I snipped off the bad hose %26amp; reconnected them %26amp; it seemed to help improve accelleration.

The car idles ok but after pressing the accelerator it hesitates than goes but slowly up to speed.

It seems to accelerate slightly better when cold, but after warmed up the hesitiation starts.

- ( I took it for a test drive and while the engine was still cool I floored it to test its accelleration %26amp; it was improved but on the way back the engine had warmed up %26amp; it was still having some hesitation issues.)

I just went onto an aftermarket website for sensors %26amp; put in the p0401 code and it says for Ford it means

"""Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) flow insufficient detected

鈥?The egr system is monitored during steady state of driving conditions while the egr is commanded on.

Probable Cause[s]

Open or short circuit condition

Poor electrical connection

EGR valve stuck closed, egr vacuum leaks, egr flow path restricted,

DPFE sensor hoses off or plugged or reversed

Damaged EGR orifice tube """|||EGR valve just opens under vacuum. You can shake it to see if it opens.

It usually makes a noise. No vacuum at the valve, which is a possible cause VPS

Possible you need to replace the dpfe sensor.

How much vacuum do you have at idle?

See technician corner. Google Ford focus P0401

The above has possible solutions.

Also found :鈥?/a>|||1) you can't it needs diagnostic equipment. ( may be sticking due to carbon etc)

2) again diagnostics is best unless you want to strip it down? and do you know what to look for?

3) check all hoses and connections for blockages if in doubt remove blow through and visual or replace

4) again diagnostics is only real way here.

5) no idea.. I am assuming it is simply the tube connecting to exhaust etc

6) diagnostics can tell you. unless you are adapt with a wiring circuit and a multimeter and know what values to find?

6) it operates on transient throttle closing. it will monitor during normal running ( steady state)

by opening and allowing exhaust gasses to be recirculated back into combustion chamber to reduce noxious out put. as it dilutes incoming air Fuel charge it needs to be balanced etc.

PS : yes only operates when engine is Hot.

will not operate at idle. should.. only operate within set parameters at cruising ( not full throttle)

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