Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Car Stops In The Middle Of Driving?

I have a 2001 Mazda 626, 6 cylinder. I recently had to get the EGR valve taken out and cleaned, and then the engine light came on and was constantly blinking, come to find out cylinder 2 was misfiring, they thought it was the fuel injector so they changed it yesterday and it was running ok at first but then it was hesitating to start, and the check engine light came on again and stayed on, I took it to Advance and Auto Zone to have them check the code and the code said PO400 restricted gas recirculation exhaust or something like that, it had to do with the EGR. Anyways they reset the code and the light didn't come back on. Today on the way to lunch I go to take a turn and my car literally stopped in the middle of the road, it startled me and I even looked to make sure I didn't knock it into neutral. I tried to pull over but my steering wheel was locked up. I turned off the car turned it back on and it started up. But was still hard on turns. What could it be?|||It's funny that it just died in traffic, I would go back to the place that cleaned the EGR valve and ask them to do right this time, for free. But I'd ask nicely because you get things done that way. As far as you stiff steering, when you turn the wheel of a vehicle equipped with power steer when the car is not on you can push power steering fluid out of the reservoir. You better check the power steering level to be sure you are not low, because that would cause the steering to continue to be stiff after starting it.

Hope this helps.|||What it is is poor diagnosis %26amp; repair by cut-rate stores w/o Mazda's proprietary database, special tools and experienced technicians.

Have only Mazda diagnose %26amp; repair it.

Always have only the name-brand dealer, Mazda in this case, do at least the oil-filter changes.


“Quick lube shops competing for your business cave into pressure for bargain oil changes.

“To cut costs, they might buy single weight oil in bulk or use recycled oil. They use cheaper, less durable oil filters.

“Low-wage, inexperienced technicians sometimes make servicing mistakes when trying to work faster.”

[No diss to good, independent mechanics.]


“…independent mechanics complain they lack the proprietary tools and data to service many late-model cars…” some 2004 models and earlier. Wall St Journal, Feb, 2011.

. .…

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Independent auto mechanics seek “Right to Repair” law allowing them access to manufacturers’ databases.

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