Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to fix DTC-p0401- exhaust gas recirculation flow insufficient on 2003 XL-7 suzuki 2.7L?

I have a service manual. it is a pretty involved procedure using the Suzuki specific scan tool. It involves a road test and watching the real time actuation of the EGR valve.

the possible trouble areas are a) the EGR valve. b) The EGR valve passage. c) The manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP). d) The ECM/PCM - main computer module.

As a practical matter - if you want to TRY something - just get the EGR valve off and clean it - maybe with some carb cleaner solvent. It may just have some deposits making it sticky. I don't know what the valve costs - if it is not too expensive - maybe just put a new one on.

If cleaning or new valve doesn't get rid of the code - then you may have to submit to a Suzuki dealer for the actual scan tool test.

If you don't have to pass a smog test - it might drive ok the way it is. The EGR system is only needed for meeting the exhaust emission rules. If you have a strict smog test you will NOT pass with that code.

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